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Friday, 21 February 2014 20:55

SAP EM Support Pack 5 released

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So, now that SP5 is released what is inside?

The following is a list of OSS notes implemented in SCEMSRV SP 5 released on 10th Feb 2014.

Event Manager

    1. 1922364  EM Customizing - Resource Description missing
    2. 1923070  Corrections for EM 9.0 SP04
    3. 1923159  Event Handler without Event Message Extension Table ID
    4. 1925570  Recreation of EH after EH Post although no EE changed
    5. 1939846  Short Dump duplicate database records insert LOG_LOCKED_EH
    6. 1940935  Drop-down menu and checkboxes for event message sending are
    7. 1941990  Resource Tracking - Loading, Planned Status Attribute, Actua
    8. 1952767  Activity ACT_EE_MODIFY - does not use expected event profile


    1. 1939277  Archiving: Minor performance improvements for archiving even
    2. 1946071  Customizing: Define Criteria for Event Message Processing wi
    3. 1950410  Runtime error MESSAGE_TYPE_X in auto archive report


    1. 1934476  Update Execution Information in TM - Replace Tracking ID wit
    2. 1941295  Resource Tracking - Customizing Actual Location
    3. 1950747  Resource Tracking -Authorization Profile missing
    4. 1950930  Resource Tracking - Parameter Storage Location RES30_ACT_STO
    5. 1953946  Resource Tracking - Remove Planned Status

 Control Processing  

    1. 1915817  Performance optimization for processing overdue events
    2. 1919850  Performance optimization for processing overdue events
    3. 1925884  Performance optimization of processing EE Monitor activities
    4. 1926575  Time as input parameter for report /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_PACK
    5. 1928378  Time as input parameter for report /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_PACK
    6. 1935720  Authorization check is not working correctly

 Event Processing  

    1. 1741550  It is not possible to send event message with partner ID
    2. 1945425  Long runtime during processing of Event Messages for previou

Information System and Queries  

    1. 1913410  Time zone conversion for event transmission date is wrong
    2. 1913497  No validation of time zone when entering individual entry
    3. 1914991  WDA UI: Search for query IDs unsuccessful
    4. 1916772  Performance Optimization 'Event Messages' tab
    5. 1917815  Search help is not regarded in configured field of a group
    6. 1922408  Event date filter is not working for archived data
    7. 1925154  Correction for Zoom-Function in Geo-Map
    8. 1927268  WDA UI: Specifying columns for event handler set fields
    9. 1928154  Geo-Map: Performance Correction
    10. 1928828  WDA UI: Address data from hidden fields is lost
    11. 1936897  WDA UI: Potentially wrong value takeover from address fields
    12. 1946791  Geo-Map: Layout Settings

 Integration with Event Management  

    1. 1921665  Resource Tracking - Customizing

In summary:

Quite a few corrections in the SAP EM / TM integration space as well as the Web Dynpro Geo-Map component. Expected event monitoring was improved with 1 new report and an enhancement to the existing one. Performance around processing locked EH's was also improved.

Seminar Overview

Download Seminar Flyer | Abstracts

Eventbrite - 1st Annual Serialized Track and Trace Seminar

Date: 12th March – 8 sessions starting 8am PST and ending at 3pm PST

Congress enacted the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA), formerly referred to as HR 3204, in November 2013 and it starts to take effect in a significant way in January 2015. You should be planning to attend the 1st annual Serialized Track-and-Trace Seminar on 12th March, 2014. It’s a virtual seminar that allows you to attend the sessions from the comfort of your own home or office, yet you still have access to all the content and experts that you would expect from a live event. It’s a truly unique and valuable opportunity for those focused on these latest changes in legislation for the Pharma industry.


If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, repackager, wholesaler or dispenser of drug products then the DQSA Law (H.R. 3204) passed on November 27th 2013 is applicable to you. It supersedes all current state laws including the California e-Pedigree law. In this article I will focus on the timelines applicable for a drug product manufacturer. In future articles I will deal with the timelines for the other supply chain players.

Friday, 13 September 2013 15:33

New SAP EM Notes available

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Check out the following notes that have just been released that are well overdue:
  • Note 1896469 – Activity ACT_EE_MODIFY does not use expected event profile – This note will resolve issue of not considering EE profile while updating/adding expected events from EE_MODIFY
  • Note 1890458 – New activity method to update system parameters dynamically – This will allow parameters that can be changed to be used as a system parameter…

What information needs to be captured? What kind of labeling is needed to document the package? Do we need to cater for unit, pack and pallet levels of packaging? Can the solution handle sequential and random serial numbers? What standards does the solution adhere to in terms of serialization? E.g. GS1 standards.

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